this is one of the first forums that lets you RP about Rune Factory, this forum is new and new players start with 10000 G so please join
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PostSubject: THE RULES OF THE FORUM   Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:10 pm

1. use common sense
2. no double accounts, multiple characters are accepted but no double accounts
3. no cheating, we all know how its fun to cheat... or not, well here Cheating won't only affect you but others. If you want to trade with someone Be sure to see if that person wasn't cheating. Because if the person Was cheating. Both the cheater's items and the item traded will be gone
To say simple
Cheater has a diamond, you trade it for a scrap iron. both will be lost no matter the Price or rarity of the item. even if its an event item

4. No spamming other people's posts
5.if there is a problem please PM an admin and don't spam the chat box OR spam posts...

If someone fails to understand this and breaks a rule or the lame excuse ''i didn't read the rules err durr Lol'' is used, A temp Ban will be issued. 3 temp bans will lead to a perm BAN

Admins are there to rule and to be ruled
none can have too much power until One's idiocity creates a problem
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