this is one of the first forums that lets you RP about Rune Factory, this forum is new and new players start with 10000 G so please join
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PostSubject: GOOD DAY TO ALL   Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:47 am

Greetings my name is Joey, Joey berserkus
My real name is Johny Chiasson
Most of you must come from that famous facebook group that i am part of. Rune Factory 4...
Anyway i Hope you guys have a great day and that you won't die by a woolie. they tend to be more dangerous in these parts

I will be active once in a while. Mostly doing my stuff here

Anyway don't expect that i will go soft on any rule breakers. I know this forum doesn't have a basic set of rules but still use common sense you saw this shit everywhere

''be respectful''
''don't spam other people's posts''
''The same old shit''
Ya know. Anyway I will be with you in this adventure as the Mayor of the town of Emeraldion.

Hope you have a great day
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