this is one of the first forums that lets you RP about Rune Factory, this forum is new and new players start with 10000 G so please join
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 Minova enters the party

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PostSubject: Minova enters the party   Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:51 am

Hey there, Minova the admin here

My real name is Krystel Beaulitu-Thibault and I am 19 years old (20 this summer :3 )
I'll try to be active as much as I can, if I cannot answer one of your questions it means I am busy working for college, having precious time with my dear parents that I love, that I am busy with my social life or that I am sick.

I really love the rune factory series, I haven't played all games but I still search to own them all, so far I have RF1, RF4, RFToD.
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Minova enters the party
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